Sunday, 8 March 2009


Meet my new Etsy Shop Buddy, Winemakerssister!

Heather is a graphic artist from Michigan who specialises in stitch markers and great hand-carved rubber stamps. She's got some fantastic designs, including some knit and sheep themed stamps! This one has got to be my favourite:

We're both members of the Stone Soup Challenge and since our stuff goes so well together, we have decided to be Shop Buddies! I'm not really sure if such a term exists, but I guess it does now!

Check out Heather's shop - how can any knitter resist this stuff? In addition to the lovely handmade greeting cards, linen tea wallets and Harry-Potter themed charm bracelets, she's got an entire category called "Goods for Knitters"! More stitch markers than you can shake a knitting needle at, and several lovely project bags are there at the moment. Make sure you check her other sections too, as I have a suspicion that this linen bag in the Soft Goods category would make an excellent spindle case:

One of the great things about Heather's work is that she loves custom orders. If you've been hankering after something special and haven't seen it yet, why not drop Heather a line and suggest it?

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