Friday, 20 March 2009

I've always been bad at math.

Yesterday while walking to work, I was daydreaming about spinning. Again. And I realised that I may have made a mistake in the way that I was measuring the yardage of my handspun. So when I got to work I took all the handspun off the shop, so I could double check it.

Last night I put all of it back up again with corrected figures. In some cases I had misjudged the yardage by half! So some skeins that I had originally listed as 36 yards or 55 yards are now 71 yards and 113 yards. I had been wondering why my skeins were always so short...this explains it!

So if you've had your eye on some of my handspun but thought "Hmm, not enough yardage there for my project" - check again! It may have magically "grown" overnight.

And remember...measure twice, list once!

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