Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Been busily crafting...

A month of silence...sorry about that! I've been spending every free minute spinning, knitting or crocheting for the craft fair. I haven't even had a chance to take photos of the animals I've been making. Hopefully this weekend.

Today I receive a batch of glow in the dark yarn from my supplier, as well as some extra spinning bobbins, so I'm all set for a weekend of making glow in the dark handspun! I've got a full bobbin of white Wensleydale Longwool ready to ply with the glowing stuff, which should make a white, fuzzy glowing plied yarn.

I'm about to send off my "freebies" too - promotional items to be placed in the We Make Christmas bags. On the day, visitors will be able to buy decorated tote bags filled with little handcrafted goodies from vendors. This week we're sending in samples that will be given to the media so they can advertise the fair. My freebies are crocheted star/flower keychains and tiny knitted sheep!