Friday, 30 January 2009

Caution: Dyer at work

A combination of an early spring cleaning and a purchase of some more acid dye powder means I should be able to take pics of some interesting dye jobs soon. I'm getting better at dyeing fibre, which seemed like it'd be really tricky (and in some cases still is) but I'm improving with every try. I've got four braids dyed and waiting to go up on Etsy, just haven't had the space to take the photos. Hopefully tomorrow!

Take note - is having a sale on fibre until tomorrow! I bought from them earlier this month and am very happy with the speed of delivery.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy 2009!

Hello everyone, and happy new year! I'm sorry it's been so quiet here. The craft fair was a huge success, and afterward I put my remaining stock onto my Etsy shops. Between that, a bout of flu, and then holiday travels it's been hard to find time to make updates!

The first few days of the year have seen me trying to spend more time at the spinning wheel - partly because I don't spend enough time doing it, and partly because it's one of the warmest rooms in the house! London's having quite a cold spell. As a result of this time well spent I have several new skeins of yarn. Some I've yet to take photos of, but here are the ones already on Etsy:

This one is Romney fibre, which I dyed myself. Specs: 9 WPI, 86 grams, 55.7 yards. If you check the photo from the 19th November 2008 entry you can see what it looked like before it was spun.

The next three all glow in the dark! The top two are Alpaca and the bottom one Shetland. If you want to see pics of them glowing, check the Sheepshape Etsy shop.

I've got three more to take pics of...hope to get them up this weekend for you!