Sunday, 29 March 2009

Busy busy weekend

I gave myself a day off from the day job on Friday to take advantage of the fact that an empty house meant uninterrupted crafting. I had a field day on the sewing machine and made four drawstring bags, three tissue pack holders and an eyeglass case! Over the course of the weekend I finally finished carding and spinning the massive pile of fleece from Ireland, which you may recall from last summer's blog posts:

IT'S DONE! Finally! Once the last lot dries I will measure it all and see if I've got enough to make myself a jumper, of the raglan variety that Mr Teddy is wearing in one of last month's photos.

Here's a sample shot of what the spun yarn looks like. Imagine about 8 or 10 skeins just like it. :D

Here are a couple of photos of two project bags that I made this weekend. They are now in my general Etsy shop and I hope to add more soon.

Check the blog in another few days for another sneak preview of the items for the April Phat Fiber box! They have safely arrived in the states and are waiting to go to their new homes. :)

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