Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I decided to google Sheepshape Spinning to see if I was linked anywhere and didn't know about it. I found a lot of links! I have decided to do a "Kudos" post and link to everyone who has linked to me. If you visit some of these you will find some really nice sites!

First up is We make London, which I did know about because I did a craft fair with them in December. This is a really great organisation that gets London-area (and beyond!) crafters together in one place to show and sell to the public. Their first event was last summer and I hope they'll be doing another one soon! In the meantime, they have lots of Designer Spotlights on various UK artists.

Next is Shop Handmade UK, a great directory of handmade products and producers.

Next, The Sick Chick Crafts. I didn't know about her, but it looks like she is also based in London, and a fellow American on the East side of the pond to boot.

K'nerd is another I didn't know about, but I'll be reading up on this one! Looks very interesting, though it hasn't seen an update in a while.

This spinning resource site,, looks like a great reference, especially the Resources section which has some articles on spinning tools and fibre types.

Some good sites out there! If you've linked me, and I missed you, let me know!

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