Friday, 24 July 2009

The packing continues

The timeline for our move is shaping up a little bit. I now know two things about how the move will affect my crafting in the near future:

1) My tools will not be going on a boat in August, as previously planned.

2) They will instead be going into a storage facility here in London in August, and the boat will be coming in November/December. Probably.

This means that while I will not be able to make new things after August, which I had always expected, I will be able to keep my shops open with their existing stock! I had thought I'd have to close them. So that's good news for me AND good news for you.

With that in mine, August might be a little bit light on updates as I scramble frantically to dye and spin as much as possible before the end of the month, when my spinning wheel goes into storage and my dyeing equipment is sold!

I'm still holding the Sheepshape Spinning sale for the time being, though since that is less urgent now it could end at any time. It'd be a good idea to grab anything that is catching your eye! My other shop is taking a different approach - everything at Elizabeth's UK Craft Shop has free worldwide shipping! I'm going to have to rebrand that one after I move....


Janet said...

Hello Elizabeth - my packing continues also. I am moving from Dublin to Seattle in late August or early September. I've been packing for about 2 months and am weary. Am going over to the East Coast for a break next week. Knitting is portable so that's any easy craft to continue during the upheaval.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Janet - Enjoy your move, and your break! What's bringing you to Seattle?

I'm hoping to have a weekend in Dublin before we go. I haven't been there since 2003 and I was pretty jetlagged at the time! If you know of any good Dublin shops for getting books in Irish I'd love to get some leads :) I'll be making an order at before I move - it's a lot cheaper to ship to England than to America!


Janet said...

There are 2 very good shops that I know of - one on Harcourt Street near Stephen's Green in Dublin and the other in Bray near the DART station. I particularly recommend the shop in Bray. Contact me if you want any more details. I'll still be here in Dublin for a while.

We are moving to Seattle to be nearer one of our sons and his family - and Seattle is a great city. Enough said.