Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nearly a year without an update

Nearly a year I've been 'away', and still there are people visiting this page. I'm sorry! And thank you for your loyalty. I'm going to try to be better at posting, and the spring weather will hopefully help with that.

The move to the new house went well and I have access to both a craft room and a wood shop now, which is great fun. Probably I have been having so much fun with them that I've been neglecting the blog! My Etsy shop is still active but I've let many of the handspun and dyed fiber items expire as they have been there a while - I am considering using them to make knitted items or spinning the fiber instead.

I am starting to use the woodshop to make fiber-related items. A few months ago I made some maple plying templates which you can use with a spinning wheel to aid in plying:

You can also use it as a fiber diz:

I've been using it to ply for months and it's been a great help in preventing singles snarls and improving tension consistency.

On the horizon is the 2011 Black Sheep Gathering festival here in Eugene, Oregon. I'm looking forward to taking some workshops, and hopefully NOT going nuts buying fiber. But of course I am very likely to bring a few new fleeces home...

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PRS Quilted said...

I miss seeing your posts...weebee