Thursday, 13 August 2009

A spider amongst the dye pots!

I got a start this morning when I went to set the next batch of Shetland dyeing. In the plastic bucket that I keep my dye jars in there was a big spider! *shudder* I hate spiders, and the resident spider catcher was away on a trip, so I forced myself to deal with it...I'd rather deal with it now than come back in the afternoon and find it had run off to some unknown destination.

I managed to take a picture before removing the dye pots and putting the spider out the window, but even looking at the picture gives the the creeps! if you want to see it, Google for UK "House Spider" and you'll find a picture. If you REALLY want to see my pic let me know and I'll send it to you without looking...

And fear not - all my dyed rovings are 100% Spider Free!

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Aspidistra said...

I used to be really frightened of spiders, to the point that I would wretch and be unable to eat if there was a large one in the room, until I developed a whole bunch of other anxieties. I now find them interesting and even take pictures of them (?!). They still make me jump if they turn up unexpectedly.