Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Let's make Stone Soup together!

When you were younger did you ever read the book "Stone Soup"?

In Stone Soup, a stranger comes to a starving village and looks for food. He puts a pot of water on the fire and adds a stone, telling everyone he is making stone soup. Gradually, the villagers come forward with ingredients to add to make the soup. The contributions are items that the villagers are hoarding due to their fear of starvation. Each villager only contributes a small amount, but the end result is a soup that feeds everyone.

Right on the heels of yesterday's post about the slowing economy, I've discovered the brilliant Stone Soup Challenge.

It's about independent crafters helping each other by pledging a percentage of their net sales to buying other handcrafted items. If you're a crafter and would like to join then see the information post on the Stone Soup Challenge blog. If you're not a crafter why not visit the blog's main page for the latest featured artist?

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katydiddy said...

Thanks for supporting the movement. I'm hoping it will make a difference for all of us!