Thursday, 22 May 2008

Same dye + different fibres = different colours

This skein is pretty interesting. I spun it in a workshop at Wonderwool Wales where we used a variety of materials - wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, and I think a few more I can’t remember. Once back home I navajo-plied it on itself and dyed it in a slow cooker with one pack of Lemon-Lime Koolaid. The different materials took the dye differently - one material even turned tan instead of green!

Unfortunately, other than the silk (the darkest colour), I am having trouble identifying the different materials. I think we may even have used two different types of silk (I do remember the word ‘tussah’), because some seems to have taken quite a lot of green while another has stayed pure white.

Has anyone else done something similar?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful though. I hope my lemon/lime looks that stunning.
Sounds like a good workshop to have done.
Must try navajo plying soon as it gives a good twist.
You are a very clever lady Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, Sandra here from Kent, am having real problems creating an id on these blogs - I am not really anonymous but it makes me create a new identity each time I post a comment!

Probably Jane said...

Hi Elizabeth

I know that wool takes up dye more readily than alpaca or tencel but that's about the extent of my knowledge!

It's a beautiful object though!